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Unwind with calming chamomile + orange folded with detoxifying Himalayan pink salts + coarse Dead Sea salts. Sprinkle desired amount into bathtub for a beautifully soothing soak.

Harlow Rustic Bath Soak

8 oz jar

Ingredients: Coarse Dead Sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, dehydrated Chamomile flower, dehydrated Moroccan Orange peel.

Please reuse or recycle your Harlow jars.

Harlow Skin Co.
Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC. Canada

Less is more.
A curated life of meaningful goods is far more bountiful. Our carefully curated whole ingredient blends - ethically sourced from all over the world, free from preservatives + other unnecessary additives - are meant to nourish, repair + protect your skin leaving it smooth + hydrated. We create clean, self care products with a stylish aesthetic based around integrity, health + well-being.

Our mission for clean skin began as a personal project for CEO + Creative Director, Chrystal Macleod. She quickly realized that Harlow stretched far beyond skin. It's primary purpose of course is to leave you intoxicatingly soft + smooth, smelling of enchanting botanicals + deep wilds. However, Harlow also represents health + well being, acting as a small tool designed to promote a shift in personal awareness toward a more sustainable future.

Maintaining a fascination with ingredients + how they relate to our bodies, we believe that our skin ceremony should be a therapeutic ritual where we can freely indulge + not have to worry that what we're putting on will do harm. We care about our future self + believe that we can help bridge the gap by providing conscious alternatives to our everyday routines without sacrificing the little things we love.