About Us

Hello Crisp provides goods for your kitchen + home, body, baby + soul. We blend a cozy, clean aesthetic with our love of food + culture, art + nature. Our intent is to curate a collection of handmade crafts + designs sourced both locally + from Indigenous artisans around the world, to develop relationships with these craftswomen + men, to understand their process + what drives them to create. We aim to market not only their work, but also their story.

We hand-select artisans to work with based on both their product + their passion - our eyes out for social + environmental responsibility, quality, simplicity + beauty. Part of our goal at Hello Crisp is to share their stories. Many of our collaborations promote women-owned collectives or small villages of artisans. We support local vendors + global organizations that provide fair wages. We strive to honor Indigenous cultures + art forms + help communities prosper.

10% of our proceeds goes to organizations that advocate the fundamental rights of Indigenous Peoples + facilitate artisan growth. We search for ways to help them integrate into global commerce by either doing business directly + encouraging awareness of their cultures, or by donating to various groups who can provide firsthand economic aid + opportunity.

Hello Crisp is a proud member of the Artisan Alliance. "The mission of the Alliance is to support the power of the artisan sector to create jobs, increase incomes, enhance cultural heritage + promote development that respects the uniqueness of people + place." We've joined their community's efforts to support the full potential + ability of artisan establishment around the globe.