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Made in America, this 10" grill pan skillet "grillet" is made of handcrafted premium cast iron designed to grill, sear or blacken your favorite meats + vegetables, both indoors + out. Unlike less substantial grill pans that may cool off + require re-heating when cold ingredients are introduced, this pan retains heat + balances out high temperature variations.

Inspired by solidly crafted vintage grill pans but designed for modern expectations, this grill pan has wider, extra-deep grill ribs patterned after commercial BBQ grates to easily drain rich foods + avoid unintended frying. Hand assembled to exacting standards from premium American cast iron, polished brass + stainless steel, the top of every grill rib is individually machined + polished to minimize sticking + cleaning. Hand seasoned with natural organic flax seed oil.

Cast Iron Grill Pan Cast Iron Grill Pan

11.8" x 18.25" x 3"
Weight : 8 lbs

Hand cast in the US + pre-seasoned with natural flaxseed oil.
Quick cooling polished stainless steel spring handle.
Safe for all cook tops, ovens + grills.
True BBQ-width grill ribs.
Easy release polished grilling surface.

Made in USA. Handcrafted. Good Forever.

Finex Cast Iron Cookware Company is a small team of Portland based perfectionists dedicated to making heirloom quality cast iron cookware in the USA. Our work is inspired by smooth vintage American cast iron skillets but designed for today. That’s why we polish our smooth easy release cook surfaces to leave more food on your plate + less in the pan. It’s why our castings are thicker to optimize modern searing techniques + why we add ergonomic spring handles that stay cooler. We believe in heirloom quality cookware + the cooking traditions + stories it can hold. We would love nothing more than a place in your family’s kitchen as you create your own flavors, laughter + conversations – one meal at a time.