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This super soft + cozy handwoven blanket is made with ecru chunky + thin yarn that is handspun from natural organic merino wool. This throw has a textured weave effect accomplished by the use of both yarns together. The ends are woven back into the blanket for a clean, fringeless edge. Color is natural ecru.

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Clouds Throw Clouds Throw

Length: 73"
Width: 35.4"

Handwoven in Uruguay.
100% natural undyed wool.
Dry clean or handwash in neutral soap. Lay flat to dry; do not use a dryer.

Handmade with love in Uruguay

The blankets are made by me + Marita, a handweaving expert. Both of us work outside the city; I am at the beach point + Marita is at the farm. We build a relationship of trust + friendship, enjoying the work each step at a time. As Texturable has grown, we now also work with Pabla, who handspins yarns at the farm.
My chain of production is very traditional. We focus on quality, not quantity. We want to make products that last for generations, as have our great-grandmothers when they wove blankets. Texturable's heart is reflected in the simplicity, quality + nobility of our products. Working with people + not machines is more arduous, but gives much more satisfaction + you can feel that in the final piece.

Claudia Rosillo