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Each porcelain serving bowl is wheel thrown, then slightly hand-altered to form a more organic shape. It is glazed glossy clear with dark blue abstract marks. Each has its own unique markings + has been made exclusively for this shop. No 2 pieces are the same. Colors are blue + white. Sold individually.

Made in the wabi sabi tradition. Crazing, crackling + other irregular textures + surfaces are part of the handmade nature + should be embraced.

Complete the look with Blue + White Porcelain Dish.

Blue + White Porcelain Bowl Blue + White Porcelain Bowl

Due to handmade nature, shape + size may vary slightly.
Height: 5.5"
Diameter: ~10"

Food + microwave safe.
Handwash is preferable.

Studio Joo
Thoughtfully designed + handmade in Brooklyn, NY

Prior to her career as a graphic designer, Elaine studied Sculpture at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, then pursued her Masters in Design Studies.
Joo is where both disciplines meet…
Comprised primarily of porcelain vessels + light fixtures, the work combines both sculpture (form/materials) + design (function) backgrounds + is inspired by the beauty of simplicity + the wabi-sabi aesthetic.