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Part of the Mara Collection, this gorgeous, white marble bowl is handmade + food-safe. It's heavy + solid, but also has a delicate smoothness + beauty that makes it perfect for both prep + service. Sold individually. Size options available.

Marble Bowl Marble Bowl

5" D x 2" H

6.5" D x 2.5" H

8" D x 3" H

Handmade in India.
White marble.
Wipe clean with a soft cloth + polish as desired.

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We are a curated lifestyle brand, fusing innovation, quality + aesthetics. As well as designing our own line of products, we work closely with designers to help facilitate getting their designs to market in a capacity they would potentially be unable to do so on their own. With a strong understanding of the world’s producers we carefully pair products to manufacturers + encourage handmade production by artisanal collectives with a community focus. By focusing on production + distribution strategies, Hawkins New York allows the designers to focus solely on creation + innovation.

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