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American-made, each 8 oz cup is hand spun from high-grade steel by craftsmen, then placed into a porcelain enamel oven for firing. The result is a highly durable + colorful cup to last a lifetime - they are the heaviest duty enamelware we've found! Due to the handcrafted nature of this process from spinning to spraying, some irregularities + blemishes are common + contribute to the uniqueness of each cup. Delphite blue outside + inside; black edge rim. Sold as a set of 2.

8 oz
Height: 3 ¼"
Width: 4"

Manufactured in the USA.
Porcelain enamel is a durable cookware.
Dishwasher safe. Please avoid harsh detergents + avoid crowding. Hand washing will better protect the color over years of use.
Porcelain enamel is oven-safe up to 450ᵒ F.

This product has been tested by a third party test lab + received a passing result for:
1. US. FDA CPG 545.450 + CPG 545.400, Extractable Lead + Cadmium Content
2. California Proposition 65, Tableware + Safety Program, Leachable Lead + Cadmium
3. FDA 21 CFR 175.300, Resinous + Polymeric Coatings

Barn Light Electric Co.
Handcrafted + manufactured in Titusville, Florida

With a passion for vintage light fixtures, Bryan + Donna Scott began Barn Light Electric when the high-quality materials + craftsmanship of early 20th century lighting began fading away. The couple decided to make their own line of barn lighting the old-fashioned way using only the highest quality, commercial grade materials.
In 2012, the Scotts launched their own porcelain enamel manufacturing operation. Once a staple of the lighting industry, porcelain enamel lighting had not been manufactured in America for more than 50 years. Metal artisans use a lathe to spin products by hand in the time-honored tradition of metal spinning. After the products are crafted, two layers of porcelain enamel glass are hand applied + then baked in a porcelain oven where temperatures reach 1,600ᵒ to seal the porcelain enamel. The result is a durable, high-gloss finish that never fades or corrodes + is fit for a lifetime of use.