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This cold drip coffee maker's uniqueness + beauty is only surpassed by its functionality. It's the quintessential cold brewer. It has a curved brown wood frame + makes 6-8 cups. All you need is ice, water + fresh ground coffee (or tea) to create the best cold brew you've ever had.

Drips 1 drip per second + therefore takes 5-8 hours to complete, but the taste is surely worth the time. It's like a science experiment for your kitchen counter! Please see 'details' below for how it works.

Cold Brew Coffee Drip Tower

6-8 cups
Height: 30"
Width: 10"
Depth: 9"

Hand blown from borosilicate glass.
Dishwasher + microwave safe.
Heat resistant.

To use:
1. Fill top glass with ice + water; be sure all ice is submerged.
2. Grind coffee to medium; 20 Tbsp (100 g.)
3. Pour ground coffee into the second glass from the top, just above the coil.
4. Pre-wet the round filter + place on the coffee. Make sure dispersion block is in place.
5. Turn dripper on; one drip per second.
6. Brew will finish in 5-8 hours.
7. Dilute or serve over ice + enjoy!


Yama has specialized in hand-blown glass brewing equipment made in Taiwan since 1978. Yama glass is beautiful, tempered + heat resistant. This specialty glass is perfect for cold brew coffee towers, siphon coffee makers, teapots + decanters.