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The aromatherapy botanical mist is perfect for spritzing your face, body, sheets + pillows to evoke senses of invigoration or calmness. The vegan formula is made in 100% pure glacier water + it's a therapeutic refresher, especially during the summer! Sold individually. Scent options available.

Wake: woodsy + crisp. Invigorate your morning ritual + create consistency at the start of your day. Juniper + fresh citrus bergamot awaken + uplift while rosemary sourced from Spain blends with warming Indian black pepper oil. Key botanicals: rosemary, citrus bergamot, juniper, eucalyptus.

Sleep: soft + comforting. Inspired by the scent of warm cashmere, Sleep is made with botanicals traditionally used for centuries to promote rest. A calming balanced aroma of Roman chamomile + French lavender paired with luxurious vetiver oils + frankincense extract. Key botanicals: ylang ylang, frankincense, lavender, Roman chamomile.

Still: floral + centering. An ode to modern meditation. Smokey vetiver, fresh clary sage, subtle floral rose + Egyptian geranium combine to create a uniquely balanced aroma. This blend is intended to evoke stillness + calmness. Key botanicals: vetiver, clary sage, Egyptian geranium, rose.

Vitruvi Aromatherapy Mist

1 fl oz bottle

The oils used in Vitruvi products are sourced from 30+ countries. The best botanicals are extracted from the best places they grow; from France to Madagascar.
Vegan; formulated in 100% pure glacier water.
Free of all parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, + synthetic dyes.
Against animal testing.

Wake: mist your face + body in the morning or after showering; use as a natural make-up setting spray.

Sleep: mist your face + body before sleeping; use on sheets + pillows.

Plant oils sourced globally, formulated for you.

Vitruvi is a new way of learning about aromatherapy through natural products. We believe the products we use should be chosen intentionally to elevate our days.

The oils used in Vitruvi products are sourced from 30+ countries. We extract the best botanicals from the best places they grow; from France to Madagascar. Quality is our most important attribute + we enjoy sharing the stories from the cultures they come from. We take pride to ensure that the stability + longevity of each blend is monitored. We use non photo-reactive oils with the highest grade of purity + unique oils such as rose absolute + pure neroli. The oils are gathered in small batches + bottled in environmentally friendly packaging.

Our team is incredibly passionate about plants + about creating beautiful + sophisticated products that are made with the best ingredients from around the world. There is beauty in ritual, in the simple daily rituals that connect people around the world.

Sara + Sean