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This hand-turned burl bowl is made from a 350-year-old New York ash tree. It's a sturdy piece that's perfect for holding fruit or standing solo. It's mounted on a black lacquered wood swivel stand with protectors on the bottom.

Handmade + held at the artist's woodshop in Garnerville, NY. All are welcome to view this piece or other pieces in production. Please see 'details' below.

Handmade live edge wood bowl Handmade live edge wood bowl

16" L x 13" W x 6.5" H

Handmade in New York.
Finished with a food-safe polyurethane mixture designed for durability + hand-rubbed for a natural appearance.

Each piece is 100% unique. If an item that you wish to order is no longer in stock, please contact us + a similar piece can be made for you. Please email hello@hellocrisp.com for custom orders or to see available pieces at the woodshop.

Willow Tree Woods
Beauty + function in objects that will last for generations; handmade in New York

I have always been interested in trees. Witness to the past, they stand watch over the future. They are always there + most of us don’t even think of them. Their beauty is hard won. They are at the mercy of their environment. It is with this appreciation of the great value of each tree, that I approach the design + execution of each piece of furniture.

Each wooden slab has a different story. In the most literal sense, each slab is unique. No two grains are the same. The colors are different, the flows of grain different, the thickness different, the soundness different. In some sense, my efforts are to give the tree another life.

One goal is, of course, functionality. But not merely functionality. We can dine on a pile of stones or formica. Just as important is my effort to create an object that at every opportunity, draws the eye to it. In short, to marry beauty with function in an object that will last for generations.

I had the good fortune to meet an Italian artisan who learned the trade the old-fashioned way, painstakingly gleaning from the craftsmen for whom he apprenticed the skills necessary to prepare + create objects of quality. He has trained me. Each time I sit at my dinner table, I am conscious of the table. It is still satisfying to look at + to touch. I would hope that a potential buyer of one of my pieces could draw the same satisfaction each time he/she used or looked at one of my pieces.

Robert Cherofsky

Handmade live edge wood bowl