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These beans are organically grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers + roasted by hand. They are sourced from a fair trade farm in the Cerrado region of Brazil, where all profits go back to the community.

For those who love a rich, dark coffee we get to the heart of it with this deep roast of Brazil Cerrado Oberon, while still keeping the clean, citric notes. Truly the best of both worlds. Flavor is citric, chocolatey + nutty.

Heart of Darkness Coffee

10 oz bag

Style: whole bean
Tasting notes: citric, chocolate + nutty
Process: natural
Variety: Mundo Novo, Catuai + Bourbon
Origin: Cerrado, Brazil
Altitude: 3,000 - 5,000 feet

To remove the coffee beans from the cherry after harvesting, Heart of Darkness undergoes natural (or dry) process. This method tends to produce a heavier, earthier flavor. The ripe cherries partially dry while on the tree, then they are picked + spread out in the sun on patios to dry while still intact for another 2-3 weeks. Finally, the dried cherries, with the beans inside, are put through hulling machines to remove the dried pulp + final layer of skin surrounding the bean.

No. Six Depot
Handmade in small batches; roasted in the Berkshires, MA

Our Commitment:
Despite the regional differences of many growers, we scrupulously source coffee that is from the top 10% of the Arabica species. Arabica trees produce a more delicate, flavorful coffee. Our coffees are grown at high altitudes 2000-6000 feet, above sea level, in an equatorial climate with rainfall, sun + mild frost-free temperatures to allow the plants to mature slowly + ensure the most flavor in each bean. They are shade-grown in a natural environment of varied stories of trees, friendly to migrating birds, producing better coffee + eliminating the need for pesticides. Our coffees are hand-picked on mountain terraces + graded for excellence.
We purchase from farms or co-ops that go beyond paying a fair wage. The proceeds from their premium products go directly to the growers + their communities for schools, health clinics + clean water. These farmers are seen as leaders in their communities.
Although many of the small co-ops + farms cannot afford the organic or fair trade certifications, the coffee is all grown using organic + sustainable methods. All of our coffee is traceable to the farm where their practices are documented for no pesticides, sustainability, natural fertilizers + compost.

The Origin:
It all starts with a coffee tree that bears luscious red fruit or “cherries." Coffee beans are the seeds inside the ripe cherries. However, every coffee-producing country - from Indonesia to Ethiopia to Costa Rica - processes the bean differently based on their own unique economy, geography, cultural traditions + available resources.

We try to make as many trips to producing countries as we're able so we can see how the farmers grow their crops, their sustainable methods for using all byproducts, their ways of processing the beans, roasting the beans + preparing the brew. We bring our experiences back home in our continuing effort to roast + prepare better coffee, to inform our customers + to help provide better lives for growers.