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Handmade in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico, this rectangular wool rug has been custom designed + handwoven, preserving the art form of the Oaxacan village in the Zapotec culture. We had the privilege of working directly with the Gutiérrez family to customize the rugs, making each design truly unique to this shop, all the while staying true to the Zapotec tradition. This rug will look perfect alongside or at the foot of a bed, under a coffee or end table, in a hallway or in front of a doorway - this gorgeous piece of artwork utilizes neutral, handspun wool that will complement any space. This traditional design pictures geometrical diamonds with stripes in between. Color is natural undyed cream, natural brown, grey + black with cream base. Size options available.

Zapotec Rug Cream Zapotec Rug Cream

2.8' x 5'

4.4' x 6.6'

Handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico.
100% handspun sheep's wool.
Due to the use of undyed wool + handwoven nature, exact color + size may vary slightly.
Professionally clean.

If you wish to order this design in a different size or color, please contact us + a custom rug can be made for you. Please email hello@hellocrisp.com if you would like to place a custom order.

Gutiérrez Family

The Gutiérrez family members are masters of traditional Zapotec weaving + the creative skills associated with their fine art. They have descended from centuries of weavers + have no reason to doubt that their ancestors were weaving in pre-Columbian times. Their village, Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca, has been famous for the art of weaving for centuries. Nearby ruins that date back as far as 500 BC still stand decorated with the same patterns + symbols that are used in today's designs.

The process of creating a traditional Zapotec weaving has evolved over many hundreds of years. As in most arts, first comes the inspiration for a new design. Before the actual execution, the elements necessary to create it must be gathered + prepared. The raw wool is cleaned, the yarn is spun, natural ingredients are collected to dye the yarn. Then comes the design and execution - inspiration, preparing the loom, the weaving + the final touches.

It is our mission to preserve our traditional art form through educating, demonstrating + reaching out to the world beyond Teotitlán del Valle. We invite you to learn through us + come to appreciate a beautiful, sustainable + historically significant art form that is very much worth preserving.

Zapotec Rug Cream Zapotec Rug Cream