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This gorgeous wine cup has a wide, round bowl to help release aroma. Each piece is hand built, hand glazed + minimal with a great feel in the hand. The glazes blur, truly emphasizing each piece's uniqueness. Perfect for wine, water or simply to add a beautiful touch to your table setting. Color is cream + indigo. Sold individually.

Please note that each piece is made by hand + therefore, nuances + intricacies of each piece may vary slightly from the image portrayed or from each other. 

Indigo Stripe Ceramic Wine Glass Indigo Stripe Ceramic Wine Glass

Due to handmade nature, color, shape + size may vary slightly.
Approx. 8-10 oz.
Height: 4"
Width: 2" opening; 3.5" bowl

Food, dishwasher + microwave safe.
Lead + barium-free pottery.

Annie Hanks Ceramics
Collaborative ceramic work handmade in Chattanooga, TN

Annie Hanks Ceramic Studio is run by Katherine Hanks McAlister + Stephanie Anne Martin. Their collaborative ceramic work is inspired by the women’s deep connection to one another, their feminine selves + the landscape surrounding them. Their company was established in 2014 when they found a studio space with a bright + open floor plan that included a western-facing wall of windows to gently filter natural sunlight. They often reference the light that flows through their studio as an inspiring energy that permeates the space + encourages creativity.

The work produced by Annie Hanks purely reflects the essence of the women’s friendship + their respective aesthetics - an aesthetic that, more often than not, blends effortlessly into one. Katherine explains that their work is “a marriage of their forms + is a beautiful reflection of their friendship.” The women work collaboratively - each piece is created by both women’s hands.

The women take pride in their fine attention to line + form + have a keen awareness of the relationship between the earth + themselves. They find constant metaphors within their work, particularly the connection between clay: a piece of the earth + the humanness of themselves.

Indigo Stripe Ceramic Wine Glass Indigo Stripe Ceramic Wine Glass Indigo Stripe Ceramic Wine Glass