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These handmade, aromatic Japanese lavender sachets come in assorted linen colors. Tuck them in a cabinet, drawer or closet to create a fresh + calming scent in the kitchen, bath or bedroom. Each pair has 2 different linens - please find descriptions of color options in 'details' below. Sold as a set of 2.

Lavender Sachet s/2

3.5" x 3.5"

Lavender from Japan.
Cover handmade in Lithuania of 100% linen.

1 yellow + white checked front, blue stripe back
1 black + white houndstooth stripe front, navy stripe back

1 red + white stripe front, black + white checked back
1 black + white + olive plaid front, blue stripe back

1 yellow + white stripe front, blue chambray back
1 blue + white stripe front, black + white stripe back

1 red + white checked front, grey + white stripe back
1 navy + white plaid front, grey chambray back

Fog Linen Work
Live with linen. Every day.

Yumiko Sekine started her first business in 1993 importing used books + housewares from Europe + America to Japan. In her search for more products, she could not find affordable every day linens that she had used during her childhood. She visited Lithuania, a country that grows flax, whose fibers are spun into linen, + has been producing + exporting linen products to other European countries since the Middle Ages. Upon finding there were no linen products for daily use available, she contacted several linen producers + started to have them produce her own product designs in Lithuania.
Her first collection started with only 7 items. Now after 10 years, Fog Linen Work produces a large line of products for the home. Its products are leading + defining the natural lifestyle trend today. Sekine continues to be inspired to create beautiful simple products for daily use.