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This diamond weave pestemal, an authentic Turkish towel with a hand-tied fringe, is luxurious, lofty + handwoven of certified organic Turkish cotton. It's thick, resilient, absorbent + fast-drying. Generously sized, it can be used as a bath or beach towel, throw or wrap. Sold individually. Color options available. Petal is a pale peachy pink. Melon is a vibrant peachy pink + a special, small-batch, hand-dyed edition.

Organic Turkish Towel Organic Turkish Towel

72" x 39"

Handwoven in Turkey of certified organic Turkish cotton.
Melon is small-batch, hand-dyed special edition.
Machine wash, tumble dry low. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


Cuttalossa isn’t so much an entity as it is a network. It exists to facilitate an exchange of traditionally produced, practical + beautiful goods with a contemporary market eager for quality textiles. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - a hotbed for textile production in times past - Cuttalossa strives to reignite an economy for home + apparel textiles made with care that are built to last. The line utilizes natural materials from neighboring farms + growers by highlighting their natural attributes in sturdy + beautiful goods for body + home. The line also employs the traditional crafts + trades native to the region, but with a fresh + modern lens to keep these practices relevant in today’s world.

Organic Turkish Towel