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This versatile + delicious orange peel + Bitters cocktail mixer has the perfectly balanced blend of spices + gentian herbs to craft an incredible old fashioned. It also makes a phenomenal mulled wine or exotic tiki cocktail. Label includes a recipe + spirit pairing suggestions with instructions on concocting the perfect cocktail. 100% natural, small batch + handcrafted.

Orange Peel + Bitters Cocktail Mixer Orange Peel + Bitters Cocktail Mixer

16 oz bottle; 10-16 cocktails

Small batch with all natural ingredients. Handcrafted in the US.
Ingredients: pure filtered water, cane sugar, orange peel, spices, lemon juice, orange bitters (alcohol, orange peel, orange oil), gentian, citric acid.

Yes Cocktail Co.
Handcrafted in Paso Robles, CA

The couple behind Yes Cocktail Company, Lauren + Brandon, are passionate about great cocktails. Inspired by their travels abroad + unimpressed with the corn syrup based products they found upon returning home, they began their own syrup + mixer company in California's Central Coast farmers' markets. All products are 100% natural + handcrafted.