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As if homemade pizza wasn't already fun enough, this pizza peel simplifies the ever-daunting task of transferring your pizzas from the assembly line to the oven to the table. Made of several beautiful pieces of dark walnut, its sculpted handle + wide body also make it perfect for creating an impressive display of your tasty spreads.

Pizza Peel Board

Length: 23"
Width: 15" (at widest point)
Serving body: approx 15" x 15"

Hand carved black walnut. Wood grain will vary from piece to piece.
Grain has been raised, sanded + hand waxed with a custom, food-safe oil + beeswax mixture.
Hand wash in soapy water to clean. Do not let stand in water.
Oil regularly to preserve finish. Natural wear over time is normal.

Butternut Brooklyn
Handmade wooden goods from Gowanus, Brooklyn

Like most woodworkers, my interest comes from a familial influence. I spent a healthy amount of time running around my grandpa's workshop while he labored over his beautiful harpsichords. After spending my young adult years in other arenas, the siren song of a freshly honed plane had me longing again for the workshop environment. Several years, + many calluses later, I've found myself knee deep in wood shavings. This time, produced by my own work in a quiet shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
We like designs that are classic + minimal, shapes + utility that boil down to the essential. Each item is handmade with the utmost care + attention to detail. We take measures to ensure each piece will be as sturdy + long-lasting as the next.

Peter Cavanaugh