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100% natural, unprocessed + unfiltered honey that's as unique as its floral source. Sold individually. Flavor options available. **Crystallization of natural sugars is completely normal for raw honey. Please see 'details' below for more information and how to decrystallize.

Washington Buckwheat: a stout, complex honey. It's dark + rich like molasses. Hints of mossy earth + a not-so-sweet composition combine for a malty flavor with a pronounced, bright finish. Dark honey.

Florida Orange Blossom: takes your senses on a journey through the orange groves. Notes of citrus + zest intertwine in a not-too-sweet finish. Amber "familiar" honey.

Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover: sweet + buttery at first taste followed by warm undertones of cinnamon + nutmeg. Soft with notes of caramelized custard + a hint of burnt sugar. White honey.

Maine Blueberry: strong, sweet + delectable with earthy components + a playful, buttery-sweet finish. Amber "familiar" honey.

New York Basswood: light, delicate + mild. This rare, single-varietal honey features warm herbal notes + a light clean finish. Amber "exotic" honey.

Raw Honey

10.5 oz jar

Buckwheat: harvested in Washington
Floral source: buckwheat flowers
Cheese pairing: Fresh goat cheeses, ricotta cheese
Fruit pairing: Grapefruit, especially broiled
Dairy pairing: Greek yogurt
Beverage pairing: Coffee, elderflower tea

Orange Blossom: harvested in Florida
Floral source: citrus sinensis sweet orange
Cheese pairing: Manchego + other aged sheeps cheeses
Fruit pairing: Lemon, lemonade
Tea pairing: English breakfast, ceylon

Yellow Clover: harvested in Colorado
Floral source: wild sweet yellow clover blossoms
Cheese pairing: Chevre
Fruit pairing: Figs
Tea pairing: Hot + iced chai

Blueberry: harvested in Maine
Floral source: managed wild low bush blueberries
Cheese pairing: Stilton + other milder blue cheeses
Fruit pairing: Lemon, melon
Dairy pairing: Crème fraiche, sour cream, yogurt
Tea Pairing: High Mountain Oolong tea

Basswood: harvested in Hamlin, New York
Floral source: basswood tree
Cheese pairing: Fromage blanc
Fruit pairing: Fresh green apples
Dairy pairing: Vanilla ice cream
Tea pairing: Mint + spice teas

Raw honey is not processed, heated or filtered. Each is as unique as its floral source. This is why the color varies from varietal to varietal, crop to crop.

Bee Raw Honey is 100% natural, unprocessed + unfiltered. By its very nature, it's organic, but it's not "certified organic.” There are no certified organic honeys in the continental US. Even though Bee Raw does not use pesticides, bees are living things with free will. Theoretically some of them can travel to a neighboring field + sample someone else’s flowers. But that’s not very likely.

Colors + textures of each varietal will not be exactly the same for every jar. Also, raw honey crystalizes over time; some honeys crystalize faster than others. The color + opacity of the honey will vary greatly depending on the point the honey is of the crystallization process. If the honey looks clear in a photo, but cloudy or solid on the shelf, that is perfectly fine - it’s just nature taking its course. Crystallization is perfectly natural + does not mean it's bad. Because this honey is raw, the natural sugars (glucose + fructose) will bind together + begin to form little crystals, which can make your honey harder or appear to separate. To decrystallize, slowly place the jar in a hot water bath + leave to cool. Be careful not to boil or scorch your honey.

Honey does not spoil – ever. It does not need refrigeration either. Just take good care not to drop food or liquid particles into the honey.

Store your honey at room temperature. Even after opening, you do not need to refrigerate it.

Nutritional facts
Serving size: 1 Tablespoon
16g sugars, 17g carbohydrates, 0g fat, 60 calories

Note: Children under the age of one year should not consume raw honey.

Bee Raw

Locally + sustainably sourced.

Bee Raw thrives on the belief that what tastes good can also be good for you + good for the planet, + that small indulgences should be enjoyed daily.
We create a simple, beautiful array of the highest quality products + experiences, all made with pride + care—responsibly, sustainably + fairly. How?

1. By improving your lives through products that awaken your senses + enhance your dining experiences.
2. Ensuring that artisanal beekeepers + small sustainable farmers receive a premium price for a premium product.
3. Helping to protect honeybees—which play a critical role in our agricultural system.
4. Sourcing honey from only wild or organic floral sources.
5. Striving to be socially + environmentally sustainable by employing local labor + using post-consumer paper + glass packaging.

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