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This bold 13.5 oz eco-friendly candle is hand-poured with renewable coconut wax + has 2 cotton wicks. Sold individually. Scent options available.

Original: a bold blend of eucalyptus, sandalwood + sweet orange. Aromas of fir, cedarwood, pine, eucalyptus, vanilla, sandalwood + sweet orange.

Recharge: revive your mood with this uplifting blend of rosemary + peppermint. Aromas of rosemary + mint steam distilled essential oil.

Rekindle: enjoy a calming bliss with this soothing marriage of vanilla + sandalwood. Aromas of sandalwood fragrance oil + vanilla fragrance oil.

Cinder: a crackling fire, good books + great company. Warm up with the ones you love. Aromas of smoke, vetiver, cedar, orange + cinnamon.

Woodlot Candle Woodlot Candle

13.5 oz
Burn time: 60-70 hrs

Eco-friendly candles made with cotton core wicks; they offer a natural, no-soot effect + are hand-poured with renewable coconut wax.
Petroleum free, gmo free, phthalate free + in a recyclable glass.
We recommend burning the candle for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours at a time.

Developed, handpoured, labeled + packaged with love by hand in our studio located in Vancouver, Canada

100% natural candles, soaps, minerals + mists. With a focus on non-toxic materials, Woodlot creates products that look, smell + feel amazing with minimal environmental impact.

With its origins steeped in family tradition, Team Woodlot keeps future generations in mind. That's why each Woodlot candle is handmade with care using clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax. This is also why all of our body products are made in small batches with specially-selected ingredients from near + far.

Fouad + Sonia